Decision Making, Neuro-economics, Mirror Neurons, Free Will

Mirror Neurons

  • Youtube introduction to Mirror Neurons.

    Review and Original Literature Readings for discussion on December 20.

    Mirror Neurons

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    Decision Making, Neuro-economics

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    Free will

  • Itzhak Fried, Roy Mukame, and Gabriel Kreiman (2010). Internally Generated Preactivation of Single Neurons in Human Medial Frontal Cortex Predicts Volition. Neuron 69:548-562.
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    Optional Readings

  • Glimcher, P.W. (2008).The Neurobiology of Individual Decision Making, Dualism, and Legal Accountability. In: Engel, C., and Singer,W. (eds.) Better Than Conscious? Implications for Performance and Institutional Analysis. Strungmann Forum Report 1. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.
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