Sensory Experience, Plasticity and Reorganization

Introductory Readings for discussion on Dec 14.

Refresh your memory or read what material you have not yet been exposed to in other classes, N613, etc.
  • Principles of Neuroscience (2000) eds. Kandel, ER, Schwartz, JH, and Jessell, TM. Re-read Chapter 20, pages 384-393, and Figures 20-1 to 20-11.
  • Wiesel, TN (1981) The postnatal development of the visual cortex and the influence of environment. Nobel Lecture 12/8/1981.

    Quickie Demos

  • Perceptual fill-in of your blindspot.
  • Neon spreading.
  • More neon spreading.
  • Powerpoint of more blindspot and fill-in demos.

    Original Literature Readings for discussion on Dec 14.

  • Buonomano, DV and Merzenich, MM (1998) Cortical Plasticity: From Synapses to Maps. Annu. Rev. Neurosci. 21: 149-186.
  • Ramachandran (2000) Phantom limbs and neural plasticity. Arch. Neurol. 57: 317-320.
  • Gilbert, CD and Wiesel, TN (1992) Receptive field dynamics in adult primary visual cortex, Nature 356:150-152.
  • Darian-Smith, C and Gilbert, CD (1994) Axonal sprouting accompanies functional reorganization in adult cat striate cortex, Nature 368:737-740.
  • Smirnakis, S. M., A. A. Brewer, M. C. Schmid, A. S. Tolias, A. Schüz, M. Augath, W. Inhoffen, B. A. Wandell and N. K. Logothetis (2005) Lack of long-term cortical reorganization after macaque retinal lesions. Nature 435, 300-307. (You may skim this article.) [A rebuttal/exchange about this controversy.]

    Optional Readings

  • Darian-Smith and Gilbert (1995) Topographic reorganization in the striate cortex of the adult cat and monkey is cortically mediated. J. Neurosci. 15:1631-1647.
  • Kaas, Krubitzer, Chino, Langston, Polley and Blair (1990) Reorganization of retinotopic cortical maps in adult mammals after lesions of the retina, Science 248:229-231.
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    Original Literature Readings for discussion on Dec 17.

  • Knudsen EI. (2002) Instructed learning in the auditory localization pathway of the barn owl. Nature 417: 322-328.
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    Optional Readings

  • Gould, E, Reeves, AJ, Graziano, MSA, Gross, CG (1999) Neurogenesis in the neocortex of adult primates. Science 286: 548-552.
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